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      VIP Protection

Our close protection operatives are licensed and are carefully selected from Special Forces, UK police and military backgrounds. They hold a wide range of skills and qualifications and are comprehensively trained to manage and deter any risks around the world
VanquishOne Security Solutions can supply elite security personnel, providing the highest quality close protection for VIPs in the UK, USA or European countries, each security team includes a paramedic or MIRA qualified personnel able to respond to any potential medical emergency.
We have built an enviable reputation ensuring the safety and security of our clients which includes senior company executives, high profile celebrity individuals and foreign Heads of State. We employ the highest caliber of close protection operatives to exercise professionalism and discretion when assigned to our clients requiring VIP protection services.
Residential Security and Executive Protection when undertaken by VanquishOne Security Solutions professionals provides an effective deterrent to the various threats presented. Prior to engagement we will review the client requirements, assess all potential risks and develop an appropriate threat mitigation plan, which would provide the most efficient and effective service possible. The key is that the service offers absolute peace of mind to our clients.

VanquishOne Security Solutions help our clients to operate in complex and high-threat environments. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of each individual client’s needs.

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