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Whatever sector you operate in, security of your personnel and assets globally is of paramount importance; we understand that and making your world safe is at the heart of everything we do. VanquishOne Security Solutions provides comprehensive security and risk mitigation solutions around the world. We do this by working closely with our clients to plan and deliver bespoke and robust security in static and mobile settings. We do this by knowing the areas of the world we work inside out and we do this by having some of the best and most highly-trained staff in our industry.

Your people come before anything in your business and you know that protecting them is key to maintaining and growing your business or ensuring that your organisation is protected so that it can do the job it’s meant to. Whether the threat comes from extremists, terrorists, kidnapping or extortion, indeed any danger that presents itself to your staff, our people can develop solutions to protect them – on the road, in the office or any location that’s necessary to let your people feel safe.


Protection of People

Protection of your key locations is hugely important, be they in the desert or downtown. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to your business. Equally we make sure that our clients’ security is tailored for your needs. We do this by working with corporate and in-country teams to assess threats and acting to mitigate them.



The staff of VanquishOne Security Solutions includes experts with decades of experience in managing logistics in high-risk environments. We can provide security, intelligence and manpower to assure your supply chain remains unbroken wherever possible.



We only employ exceptional, properly vetted staff into our teams. Your needs and those of our existing clients mean we will only provide experienced professionals with regional experience, ‘soft skills’ and technical knowledge to assure the safety of your people and property. Crucially, our staff and management have the experience to protect you while working within the spirit and letter of local, national and international laws and working to the highest ethical standards.


Important Assets

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