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Aldroop Alamena is a Libyan Owned, Registered and Licenced Security, Safety & Transportation Company based in Tripoli with offices in Benghazi, Dubai & London, which specialises in supporting international business back into the Libyan business sector.


We are adept and experienced in operating within Libya, where we have been successfully supporting our clients since April 2011 and now have full country wide operational coverage with offices in Tripoli and Benghazi with consultants operational in the remote southern desert regions such as Sabah, Sarir, Kufra, Jalu and Ghadamis.

Alsur Security | Al Muften Group | Iraq

Al Sur Company Founded in 2003, immediately after the changes that have occurred in that year, and the need for a private sector participation in all activities that serve the public interest, including the establishment of private security companies. 

From our years of experience and our success in the tasks entrusted to our company with pride we are ready to provide you with escorts for VIPs, businessmen and individuals to protect the goods and convoys moving as well as providing protection and safety of buildings and residential buildings and vital installations.

Company licensed by the Iraqi Interior Ministry has staff with expertise and high-level training and is capable of carrying out the tasks to the fullest.

Aldroop Alamena | Libya

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