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Introduction to VanquishOne Security Solutions

Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to read our services. We are entering into an exciting phase for VanquishOne Security and I am confident you will get a sense for our passion, expertise, professionalism and reliability as you explore our website. 


VanquishOne Security Solutions is a British owned, registered and licensed Security, Safety, Risk Management and Transportation Company based in the United Kingdom with offices in London, Dubai, Benghazi and Baghdad. We utilize the expertise of our international expatriate staff, all with military and consultancy experience, to deliver a service second to none, with the confidence to provide your safety and risk management needs.


We have developed a reputation for our ability to adapt and respond quickly to our clients unique requirements. VanquishOne Security offers a range of specialist security services including, but not limited to Crisis Management, Risk Management, Close Protection, Manned Guarding, Armored Transport, Environment Services and Engineering Security Solutions.


Martin Wharmby

CEO VanquishOne Security Solutions

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