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  • We have established a unique partnership with Aldroop Alamena, a Libyan owned and licenced security company operating in Libya with offices in London, Dubai and Libya. 

  • Through our unique partnership we are able to offer services in specialised sectors including; Travel management and safety services, including airport services, consultancy with oil, gas and power corporations, satellite and GSM tracking services, country wide crisis management.

  • We operate offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, and can perform operations in the remote southern regions such as Sabah, Sarir, Kufra, Jalu and Ghadamis.

Services in Libya

  • Full Seismic services.

  • Full medical support including Evacuation.

  • Procurement & Logistics.

  • Oil and Gas, HSE in country training.

  • Armoured transport countrywide.

  • Executive protection services.

  • Medics to remote regions.

  • GPS and Satellite tracking.

  • Crisis management and disaster relief.

  • Risk assessment and action planning. 

  • Armoured vehicle rental with full garage support. 

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