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VanquishOne Security Solutions have unrivalled experience and an outstanding track record in the provision of expert security solutions in volatile arenas across the globe. In parallel, VanquishOne Security Risk Management's unique consultancy blend brings commercial strength that makes for a compelling partnership.


Central to our mission is ‘serving our clients’ needs in the most professional and robust manner possible. We are able to provide this service to a broad range of clients, who require bespoke services due to our vast and exclusive partnerships. Working along side Alsur allows us to operate effectively in Iraq, with our exemplary relationship with Libya Expertise  and Aldroop Alamena we are able to offer unique and tailored services in Libya and due to the great relationship we have with Define Group, we are able to offer bespoke security services in Pakistan.


As a result of our shared values, I know that the partnership we have established between our four companies is a formidable force for good,  I believe that we present our current and future clients with a stand-out offering and I look forward to seeing our partnership grow from strength-to-strength, as I am confident in the robust services we are able to offer you. 


Martin Wharmby

CEO VanquishOne Security Solutions

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